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Sardinus pilchardus, Sardinops sagax

Sardinus pilchardus is a European fish. It is closely related to the Herring. It is found in European seas such as the English Channel and the Mediterranean. It is not found in the Baltic seas and it is rarely found in the seas north of Britain. Sardinops sagax is found around South Africa and South America.

This fish is only called a Pilchard when it is an adult. The young fish (up to one year) are called sardines. Other species of pilchard are also found near Australia and South Africa.

The pilchard lives in schools and can live to 60 meters deep. It feeds on Plankton and other small sea animals. It can grow from 25 to 35 centimeters and is blue and green on its top. It is silvery below.

The salt pilchard is a popular fish to eat. Some recipes can be found on the Links page of this site.

Gareth Griffiths - 2004